ARRI WCU-4 Mini Integrated Wireless Lens Control System (Optional AMC-1 brain)

Integrated Wireless Lens Control System for Alexa Mini with CForce Motors and available with optional AMC-1 option for universal compatibility with all cameras


Integrated ARRI Wireless Lens Control system dedicated for ARRI Alexa Plus, Alexa XT Plus and Alexa Mini, allowing wireless control of zoom, focus and iris. Requires 15mm or 19mm bar system.


This version uses the lightweight CFORCE motors which are specifically suited to Alexa Mini.

Note that you can hire the ARRI AMC-1 receiver/brain to make this compatible with Alexa Classic or any other camera system so that it is universally compatible without additional charge.

The Arri Wireless Lens Control System WLCS – is an easy-to-use remote control system for camera lenses. A compact, modular system that can be expanded from simple zoom control to a complete remote-control system for zoom, focus and iris.

An important advantage of the system is the Lens Data Display can instantly show all respective data on a comfortable display e.g. the respective depth of field. Non LDS – lenses can be equipped with the Lens Data Mount to integrate with the system.

The system can only work with an ARRI Alexa Mini camera model, unless the optional AMC-1 option is requested, which is available at no additional charge.

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