Cooke Speed Panchro S2 100mm T2.8 Prime

Classic Vintage Look


Speed Panchro S2 100mm T2.8 PL Prime lens remounted by TLS.


Lens Groupset

Cooke Speed Panchro S2/S3 prime


PL Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage


It is important to acknowledge however for anyone not familiar with these lenses is that they are 40+ year old glass (in modern housings) so obviously they have their own quirks (which is the magic of them).  For instance the glass in all the 75mm lenses from this series have all yellowed with age, so you need to adjust white balance or filter appropriately.

  • Cooke S2 Speed Panchro PL Prime 100mm/T2.8 CF 3’6″

Mount PL
T-Stop T2.8
Min. Object Distance typ. 2′
Front Diameter (mm) 110mm
Total Length *(mm) 146mm
Total Length *(inches) 5 3/4″
Weight **(g) 1620g
Weight **(lbs) 3lbs 9oz
Speed Panchro S2 100mm T2.8 PL Prime
Lens Front Cap (Cooke 110mm)
Lens End Cap (PL)

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