VMI Publishes Lens Comparison Videos from March Event

In a break from tradition demos, VMI invited 40 camera department professionals to come and see some new FF lenses and help to create a ‘real world’ comparison video by taking part in a comparative shoot event, held in early March 2023.

We provided actors, a 1st AC, Grip and shooting kit with Sony Venice or ARRI Mini LF, complete with dolly, slider and lighting and created four way comparisons of Cooke FF Classic Panchro, Tribe7 Blackwing T-tune, Gecko-Cam Vintage ’66 and Sigma Classic Primes (ie. same shot with 4 passes with same focal length across the different manufacturers).

Absolutely fantastic event, looking forward to the next one.

Jasper Alyn Stephens, DP

These comparison videos will be publish on-line in April but here are the video highlights of the 2-day shoot.

Four Lens Sets

These are new lenses with aspirations to the ‘vintage and ‘character’ party. They are reasonably accessible price wise and we have picked four different sets in what we are sure will be popular additions to VMI stock.

All are either available to hire from VMI now, or by March 2023.

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