Judgement Day – VMI Publishes Lens Comparison Videos


In a break from tradition demos, VMI invited 40 camera department professionals to come and shoot their own tests across full frame lenses from Cooke, Gecko, Tribe and Sigma on either Sony Venice or ARRI Mini LF. No agendas. No hard selling. Just creative people doing what they do best.

See all three films and judge for yourself

  1. MAIN FILM: Complete Film with 14 scenes shot with each lens groupset labelled.
  2. BLIND FILM: Complete Film with 14 scenes, each in a random order without labelling the lenses. Lenses labelled at the end of each scene.
  3. BTS Film: Behind the scenes highlight sequence

Absolutely fantastic event, looking forward to the next one.

Jasper Alyn Stephens, DP
Blind Labelled Film. This is the unlabelled film, where the lenses are masked until the end of each scene – See which you prefer and try and guess which lens is which!

Four Full-Frame Lens Sets

Four lens sets were chosen with aspirations to the ‘vintage and ‘character’ party, which are reasonably accessible, price-wise and in what we are sure will be popular additions to VMI stock.

All are now available to hire from VMI.

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