Fujinon 85-300mm T2.9 Cabrio Zoom

Long Cabrio-style PL zoom


The longer partner of Fujinon's popular Cabrio lenses; the 85-300mm is a 4K, 3.5x zoom for super 35mm size single sensor cameras with a PL mount and incorporates a removable servo pack for servo controlled zoom & focus/iris functions with a constant iris of T2.9.


Lens Groupset

Fujinon Cabrio/Premier zoom


PL Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage


Lens Type

Zoom Lens

VMI supply this lens complete with detachable servo drive unit, so that focus, iris and zoom are all operable with internal servo motors. The zoom function is operated by the zoom rocker switch.

Only weighing 3kg, it is an extremely compact lens well-suited to travel.

VMI also supply this lens complete with external zoom/focus/iris control, so that the zoom function can be controlled by the external zoom rocker and a fingerwheel operated by the user’s index finger can either operate the lens servo focus or servo iris functions.

Supplied on a 3 day hire rate.

Format 35mm PL Mount Camera
Zoom Ratio 3.5x
Focal Length 85-300mm
T. No. T2.9 from 85-220mm, T4.0 (300mm)
M.O.D 1.2m
Focus rotation 200°
Zoom rotation 120°
Object dimensions at MOD (16:9) 85mm : 274 x 154mm, 300mm : 79 x 44mm
Angular field of view (16:9) 85mm : 18°21′ x 10°23′, 300mm : 5° 14′ x 2°57′
Size HxWxL φ114 x 249mm
Mass 3.0kg with Drive Unit, 2.5kg without Drive Unit
Fujinon Cabrio Servo PL Zoom 85-300mm T2.9 PL
Fujinon Cabrio 85-300mm Zoom Servo
Lens Front Cap
Lens End Cap
MCA-06BC Pan Bar Clamp
Cable Hirose to Hirose for Cabrio 19-90 KC52-S
Cable D-tap to Hirose for Fuji Lenses
LS-19 Lens support
2 x Zoom Bar Long
Lens Support Ext Shaft

Fuji Cabrio Flight Case: 52 x 43 x 24cm   10kg
Country Of Origin: Japan

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