Canon Cinema Zoom CN20x50, 50-1000mm/T5-8.9 PL

75-1500mm range with built-in 1.5x extender


The Canon 50-1000mm/T5-T8.9 film zoom lens has an outstanding range which is way more than any of the other film lenses in its class and is comparable with the popular CJ45x13, HJ40x10 and HJ18x28 B4 2/3" documentary lenses.


Lens Groupset

Canon Cine Zoom


PL Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage


Lens Type

Zoom Lens

This is the first lens to offer a comparable range to the long documentary lenses previously only available to 2/3″ B4 cameras (such as PMW-500 and PDW-F800) and includes a PL mount compatible with ARRI Amira, RED EPIC, Canon C500 and other similar cameras AND achieves full 4K resolution as well.

Additionally, it also offers a 1.5x range extender, which actually increases the possible range to 1500mm – albeit with an appropriate loss in sensitivity, though worth mentioning that environments where the long range is required would generally be outdoors where there is plenty of light and sensitivity is not an issue.

It is not physically much larger than other zooms and only weights 6.6kg, so it is a perfect complement to Natural History or other productions where portability and range are important considerations.


  • Zoom Ratio: 20x
  • Focal Length: 50 – 1,000 mm or 75-1,500 with extender used
  • Aperture: T5-8.9: T5 at 50-560mm; T8.9 at 1000mm; T13.35 at 1,500mm
  • 1.5x internal converter included, to extend range to 1,500mm
  • Number of Iris Blades: 11
  • Internal Focus: Yes
  • Image Coverage: 4K plus
  • Weight (approx.): 14.2 lbs – 6.6 kg
  • Size: 175 × 170.6 × 405.2mm (PL Version)
  • Front Diameter: 136mm
  • Object Dimension without 1.5x: 148.3 × 78.1cm at 50mm; 7.8 × 4.1cm at 1,000mm
  • Object Dimension with 1.5x: 98.9 × 52.1cm at 75mm; 5.2 × 2.7cm at 1,500mm

* To convert the range from B4 2/3″ lenses to mount lenses PL (Super 35), multiply the B4 focal length by 2.5.


EF (/E1 variant);
PL (/P1 variant)

Focal Length

50 – 1000mm (75-1500mm w/ 1.5xEXT)

Zoom Ratio


Image Size


Maximum Relative Aperture

T5.0 at 50-560mm
T8.9 at 1000mm
T7.5 at 75-840mm
T13.35 at 1500mm (1.5x)

Iris Blades


Angular Field of View

1.78:1 – 24.6×13.8mm
27.6°x 15.7° – 1.4°x 0.8°
(1.5x) 18.6°x 10.5° – 0.9°x 0.5°

1.9:1 – 26.2×13.8mm
29.4°x 15.7° – 1.5°x 0.8°
(1.5x)- 19.8°x 10.5° – 1.0°x 0.5°

MOD from Image Sensor

3.5m / 11.5′

Object Dimensions at MOD

1.78:1- 24.6×13.8mm
139.3 x 78.1cm at 50mm / 7.3 x 4.1cm at 1000mm
(1.5x)92.9 x 52.1cm at 75mm / 4.9 x 2.7cm at 1500mm

1.9:1- 26.2×13.8mm
148.3 x 78.1cm at 50mm – 7.8 x 4.1cm at 1000mm
(1.5x)98.9 x 52.1cm at 75mm – 5.2 x 2.7cm at 1500mm

Front Diameter


Approx Size (W x H x L)

175 x 170.6 x 413.2mm (EF mount)
175×170.6×405.2mm (PL Mount)

Approx Weight


Canon Servo PL Zoom CN20x50 50-1000mm T5-8.9 PL
Canon Servo Zoom CN20x50 IAS H/P1
Lens Front Cap 136mm
Lens End Cap
CN20x50 Zoom Carry Handle
Arri Bridge Plate Base (Long)
19mm Dovetail Support
LS-19 Lens support
19mm Support Rod 660mm
Lens Hood (Square)
Lens Cap (Square)
Filter 127mm Optical Flat Screw in
Zoom Bar Short
Cable D-tap to Hirose 12 pin (Canon Style)
Remote Focus: Digital Servo Focus Control FPD-400D (no servo drive)
Remote Zoom: Digital Servo Zoom Drive ZSD-300D

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