Infinity Photo-Optical InfiniProbe TS160 Robusto Probe/Specialist Lens PL/EF Mount

Specialist Probe lens with multiple lens options. EF and PL mount option


The InfiniProbe TS-160 Robusto is a unque set of lenses which are capable of unparalled quality of extreme macro cinematography and also has the capability of focussing from infinity to only millimeters from an object. Included with the system is a macro lens, which makes the system operate like a regular borescope, or special HM Micro optic, which allows magnification of upto 16x. Uniquely, it is supplied with a variety of mounts to be able to fit virtually any camera and all image sizes too.

Infinity Photo-Optical

Lens Groupset

Nelsonian (tm) Optic, Probe


EF Mount, PL Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage

Full Frame, Super-35

The InfiniProbe TS160 Robusto the latest in the InfiniProbe™ Series from Infinity Photo-Optical and like all InfiniProbes, the TS-160 can focus from infinity to only millimeters from an object. Unlike any of the other Nelsonian lenses, TS-160 can be used directly with almost any digital or video camera—all while producing world-class images comparable to the best zoom microscopes that do not directly cover formats up to 35mm. It is a universal format system.

Both EF and PL mount options are included in the kit as standard and are easy to change.

The TS-160 consists of a Main Body which contains a patent-pending internally focusable optical system, activated by a Focusing Ring which turns 360-degrees. Inside is a provision for 25mm diameter filters (for example, polarizers or fluorescence types). At its rear is a T24mm tube which allows access to accessories when temporarily removed—or can be exchanged with a mount for use on a stereo microscope stand. A Clamp is available so that the TS-160 can be mounted on tripods or fixtures via 1/4-20 or two “outboard” M4 taps. A Variable Iris allows contrast and aberrational control.

The TS-160 is a radically new approach to macro/micro imaging. It has a Variable Iris, but no f/stops. It focuses internally without any changes to its outer dimensions. Its front lens is a specially-calculated microscope objective or a macro auxiliary. It ranges magnification from 0 to as much as 16x and can focus anywhere from infinity down to 18mm. Almost any camera up to and including those with 35mm sensors can be used with it. It is so easy to use that it literally sets the best image for you every time you focus. It may be a “counter-intuitive” experience even to experienced photographers. It is the TS-160 Robusto from Infinity Photo-Optical Company. Quality macro/micro imaging has become simple and easy.

Recently, new accessories and the availability of a PL Arri-type mount have extended the TS- 160’s uses into advanced cinematographic capabilities. Now, a single lens can be used for imaging from micro and macro to table-top advertising, motion pictures, and wherever incredible depth of field is envisioned. Truly, the TS-160 has now advanced to the front rank of special optics.

Note that the lens elements have unusual names and it is helpful to understand what they mean.

  • Macro lens, optimised to work with an object distance to front element of 16mm – 3m
  • HM Micro is a 100mm lens, optimised to work with an object distance to front element of 16mm – 3m
  • SFX 1 is a 100mm lens for images min 9’/3m away
  • SFX 2 is a 50mm lens for min 9’/3m away
  • SFX 3 is a 33mm lens for min 9’/3m away

It may be interesting for the cinematographer to read VMI’s white paper on macro and micro cinematography and fully explains the principals behind Infinity Photo-Optical’s Nelsoniantm lenses.

Another very interesting paper with amazing images and in depth instructions on how to get the most out of using these lenses was written by renowned maco authority, Paul Harcourt Davis: Instruction Manual for TS160 and MikroMak Lenses by Paul Harcourt Davies

Instruction Manual

This video highlights exactly what is so great about these lenses.  The Digital Cinema Society presents an exploration of Micro/Macro cinematography with three DPs including Bill Bennett, ASC, James Mathers, and Cameron Cannon. The trio photograph a variety of shots in order to evaluate the technology which includes not only the lenses, but also the SiSu Robotic Camera Arm, the Canon C500 MkII, and HMIs lighting, which was provided by K5600. The cinematographers share their insights in behind-the-scenes coverage from the tests that were shot at The Camera Division in North Hollywood, CA.

Infiniprobe TS-160 Robusto Probe Lens
Infiniprobe TS-160 SFX1 Lens inc 2x Caps
Infiniprobe TS-160 SFX2 Lens inc 2x Caps
Infiniprobe TS-160 SFX3 Lens inc 2x Caps
Infiniprobe TS-160 Micro Lens inc 2x Caps
Infiniprobe TS-160 PL Mount
Infiniprobe TS-160 EF Mount (T2-EF)
Lens End Cap (EOS Canon)
15mm MTF Adapter Support
Infiniprobe TS-160 Screw In Macro Diopter Incl M43 Caps
Lens End Cap (PL Cooke)

Peli Case: 36 x 30 x 18cm 3.55kg

Country Of Origin: USA

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