Infinity Photo-Optical MikroMak Probe Lens Kit PL/EF/Nikon Mount

Specialist Nelsonian Probe lens with multiple lens options. Nikon, EF and PL mount option


The Infinity Photo-Optical MikroMak lenses are special spherical macro lenses, which like the TS160 Robusto lenses, work on Nelsonian designs based on Microscope principals, in order to achieve extraordinary clarity and quality. Like the TS-160, the MikroMak can be used directly with almost any digital or video camera—all while producing world-class images comparable to the best zoom microscopes that do not directly cover formats up to 35mm. It is a universal format system. Both EF and PL mount options are included in the kit as standard and are easy to change.

Infinity Photo-Optical

Lens Groupset

Nelsonian (tm) Optic, Probe


EF Mount, Nikon ZF Mount, PL Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage

Full Frame, Super-35

The application of micro tech infuses each MikroMak with its own mathematical magnification progression.  You choose the MikroMak best suited for the shoot by referring to the Instruction manual with its tables in the gray box below.

This package includes the following focal lengths:

  • 125mm MikroMak for close up work
  • 40mm MikroMak for close up work
  • 25mm adapter to fit to 40mm MikroMak to convert this to 25mm for close up work.

Convenient Use

Only using a MikroMak can be easier.  Once mounted on the camera of your choice, a slight turn of the knurled focus ring sets MikroMak to infinity.  Remarkably, almost everything except the very closest subjects will be in focus.  Then, even those can be focused upon to automatically activate the micro/macro functions.  You will then be able to focus continuously to whatever is the highest magnification at the closest working distance characteristic of the focal length chosen.  Go ahead and shoot!

Taking Advantage of Sensor Tech

MikroMak itself is the result of a new wave in lens and camera technology because it takes advantage of today’s sensor tech.  Consider that in the 1950’s color film generally was ISO 25.  Today, cameras worthy of MikroMak have near noiseless performance out to 25,000 ISO and even more.  This is a revolution initiated by the camera makers themselves—and MikroMak takes advantage of it.  You can set your ISO reasonably high.  Not only can you, you should because MikroMak is a maximized Nelson Point microscope; it’s sharpness even tends to counter slight residual noise.

And just like all other compound microscopes, it’s image is inverted.  (We have to mention this so as not to surprise you).  But any camera worthy of mounting a MikroMak almost invariably has a switch to flip the image as do accessory monitors of all kinds.  Flip—and you are set:  no problem.  MikroMak is as optically pure as the best laboratory microscope.  That also kept length and weight to a minimum.  It is anything but cumbersome and elongated.

The Universal Adapter (UA) fits over the front probe and has 49mm threads allowing a vast array of filter holders, filters and lighting units to be attached, commonly available from photo/cine suppliers.  A 49mm Filter Holder mounts to the UA, as do Stereo Microscope Stand Adapters.  (a selection for most all makes, they permit you to work in the field, come back to lab or studio and continue use on the microscope stand of your choice).  There’s even an 80mm disc for use with the UA and ARRI type light boxes.

It may be interesting for the cinematographer to read VMI’s white paper on macro and micro cinematography and fully explains the principals behind Infinity Photo-Optical’s Nelsoniantm lenses.

Another very interesting paper with amazing images and in depth instructions on how to get the most out of using these lenses was written by renowned macro authority, Paul Harcourt Davis: Instruction Manual for TS160 and MikroMak Lenses by Paul Harcourt Davies

This video highlights exactly what is so great about these lenses.  The Digital Cinema Society presents an exploration of Micro/Macro cinematography with three DPs including Bill Bennett, ASC, James Mathers, and Cameron Cannon. The trio photograph a variety of shots in order to evaluate the technology which includes not only the lenses, but also the SiSu Robotic Camera Arm, the Canon C500 MkII, and HMIs lighting, which was provided by K5600. The cinematographers share their insights in behind-the-scenes coverage from the tests that were shot at The Camera Division in North Hollywood, CA.

1x MikroMak 125mm lens
1x MikroMak 40mm lens
1x MikroMak 25mm field expander no SN
1x 10x Widefield Eyepiece with High Eyepoint
1x 5x Eyepiece (multi-coated)
1x 5x Expander Adapter Sleeve (Delrin Spacer)
1x Mounting Bracket
1x Mounting Bracket Reduction Sleeve
1x MikroMak PL Mount
1x MikroMak EF Mount
1x MikroMak Nikon Mount
10x End Caps
1x Fotoiox Critical Illumination Ring Light
2 x Allen Keys

Peli Case: 41 x 35 x 18cm   4.65kg
Country Of Origin: USA

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