Kippertie Revolva EF Mount filter system for RED DSMC2 cameras with Wooden Camera Top plate & Handle

*** Please note not rentable as a separate item without camera ***


Revolva is a complete intelligent lens mount for RED® DSMC2 which allows quick-change filter cartridges loaded with a four-position rotating filter to enable ND and diffusion filters to be enabled in the field without fuss.


Please note that whilst Revolva works with any swappable mount RED® DSMC2® camera and is available in EF or PL mounts.

As this device fould the top plate of some top plate systems, we provide this with a Wooden Camera top plate and handle which is completely compatible..

Kippertie Revolva EF Mount DSMC2
Camera Port Cap EF
Kippertie Revolva Filter wheel ND-A inc cover cap
Kippertie Revolva Filter wheel ND-B inc cover cap
Wooden Camera DSMC-2 Top Plate For RED/Kippertie
Wooden Camera DSMC-2 Handle For RED/Kippertie
Wooden Camera DSMC-2 15mm Support Bracket For Top Plate
Revolva Kit Peli Case

Revolva EF Flight Case: 25 x 27 x 18cm  2.20kg

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