Leica/Leitz Macro Prime 90mm/F2.8

Rehoused macro prime


Macro Prime 90mm/F2.8 rehoused Leica lens with PL film mount.


Sensor Size/Coverage

This prime lens features optcs hand-picked by Leica. Developed & produced in the UK in a very limited quantity, this 90mm macro lens has been beautifully re-housed with wireform construction by Van Dieman and features a 100mm front, expanded focus scale, light loss scale as well as integrated focus & iris gears.

Nominal Focal Length 90mm
F/No. T2.8
Max Stop 22
Front Diameter 100mm
Length (front to focal plane) 220mm
Weight 1.9kg
Iris Gearing Ø127mm 32DP 158 Teeth
Focus Gearing Ø114.5mm 32DP 158 Teeth
Angular FOV (Academy **) 41.3 x 30.5 (Ø16.5)mm
Min Distance (scaled) 1 foot 4 inches
Lens construction


Macro 1:1.5
Back Focus adjustment Thick Shims/B4 Variable
Macro Prime 90mm/F2.8
Lens Front Cap (100mm)
Lens End Cap (PL)

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