Libec REMO30 Robotic Head with 100mm bowl fitting (5kg payload)

Robotic Head (Jib not included)


The Libec REMO 30 Remote Head is a fully-featured remote head with 5kg payload capability.


Tripod Head Mount

100mm Bowl

The Libec REMO 30 Remote Head is a fully-featured remote head with 5kg payload capability.

100mm bowl, it can be mounted on 100mm bowl legs or Libec Swift Jib 50, Libec JB30, Intel-A Jib or any other slider/grip mount featuring a 100mm bowl.  (However, note that you will need a device with a weights bar in order to attach the control handles to).

Main Features

  • The Libec Remo 30 offers a simplified and budget remote head option, which is both easy to use and yet still sensitive for subtle panning and tilt motions along with combined diagonal moves.
  • The REMO 30 is also splash proof so suitable for outdoor shooting.
  • Simplified wiring means that only one main cable runs out of the unit to the control unit containing power, monitoring and LANC along with movement controls to make it hassle free.
  • It has an 80mm sliding adaptor and 90º tilt arm for precision camera balancing, this ensures continued smooth movements and stops the head from stalling which can be a common remote head issue.
  • It is also capable of 90 degree shooting for an overhead shot.
  • Battery Operable

For full operation, consider the combination of Libec Swift Jib 50 or Intel-A Jib, lightweight camera such as Alexa Mini.C300 Mk II, prime or lightweight zoom and lightweight 2 or 3 axis lens control system plus 7″ monitor for easy operation, though be wary of the 5kg total payload capacity.

Libec Swift REM030 Remote Pan And Tilt Head
Libec Swift REM030 Control Box
Libec Swift REM030 Control Cable 5m
Libec Swift REM030 Adapter Plate
Libec Swift REM030 Sliding plate
Libec Swift REM030 AC/DC Adapter
Libec Swift REM030 Control Cable 50m
Vision Cable BNC-BNC 1m
Data Cable HDMI-HDMI, 5m
Data Cable Mini HDMI-HDMI
Libec REM030 LANC Cable

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