Preston FIZ Lite – Single channel wireless lens control

FIZ Lite - Focus/Iris only wireless lens control system


Preston FI+Z Lite wireless single channel follow focus system.  Focus or iris only version of popular Preston FI+Z3 wireless lens control system.


Preston FI+Z wireless follow focus system consists of camera mounted motor driver box, motors for focus ring to allow mounting of to many different camera configurations and a hand unit for the focus puller.

Common uses for the Preston system include remote camera placements, such as on a crane or for stunts, where personnel could be in harms way, and also for use on the Steadicam.

Note that if you need to control the zoom and iris functions, then consider the Preston FI+Z3 system instead but very useful as a supplementary control unit on a 2 camera drama or feature.

The F/I features a bright LED bargraph display of lens position. End limits can be set with the touch of a button and are shown as illuminated bars. A tri-color LED is used to indicate wireless signal strength, along with red LED indicators for wireless channel, battery voltage status, and camera run/stop.

A soft urethane grip makes for comfortable all-day operation. Marking discs slide over the knob onto an index pin, so the user can know the current lens position without being near the camera. Power is provided by a standard FM-50 Li-Ion battery, allowing for approximately 8 hours of operation.

1 x Bracket Microforce Motor
1 x Preston FIZ Focus/Iris Single HU
1 x Preston V+F Lens Control Box
2 x Cable Preston D-Tap to V+F / MDR3 (4641)
2 x Cable Preston Motor Green R/A (4412)
1 x Charger For NP Type Batts/ Remote Focus
3 x Battery NP-FM50
1 x 19mm - 15mm, Step Down Ring
3 x Preston FIZ Lt Focus Ring Blank
2 x Cable Preston RS to V+F Power & run (4621)
1 x Power Cable Figure 8
1 x Preston Control Box Bracket
1 x Preston Lens Motor DM-2

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