Bright Tangerine Prodigy Air Deflector Kit

A rain deflector that uses pressurised air travelling at 300+ mph


A novel air deflector solution which uses pressurised air travelling at 300+ mph, instead of a spinning glass.

Bright Tangerine

A novel air deflector solution which uses pressurised air travelling at 300+ mph.

The Prodigy Air Deflector is the perfect solution keeping a clear lens, providing you with the clear shot you need in any condition. With a simple push of a button, the patented design can be quickly deployed in any condition.

The Production Kit is ready to go with everything you need including a spare set of accessories.


Pressurised air travels at 300+ mph through the Prodigy and provides a barrier over the entire frame with no dead zones. The downward force is identical to gravity and natural rainfall and particle movement. The special piece of glass is optically clear with no effect on image quality or exposure, and has excellent impact resistance. Any water or liquid on the surface slides off and doesn’t bead up after being treated with a super hydrophobic coating.


The Air Head doesn’t emit any heat, so there’s no fogging on the lens or filters. This also saves time because you don’t have to unbag the camera and lens to clear the lens before shooting. Plastic bagging is easily secured to waterproof the camera electronics because of the flat sides.


The Prodigy is powered by 24V. An industry-standard 2-pin LEMO input with built-in automatic polarity switching prevents any chance of shorting out and damaging the compressor when using different cable standards.


The Air Head can also be used as a standalone matte box and builds on the foundation set by the Misfit Kick. The large field of view makes it ideal for wide-angle lenses, with the Reveal stage delivering the third stage without the need of any additional accessories.
It’s light enough to use in a clip-on configuration or with rod supports on a 15mm LWS or 15/19 Studio setup.
The top flag is made of carbon fibre, which aids with flare control and adds further protection from the weather.


Constructed of carbon fibre, high-grade aluminium, and stainless steel, making it extremely durable, rugged, and waterproof. It can endure any harsh conditions in either hot or cold climates. It won’t rust or corrode
When you need to replace your glass, it’s simple and quick to do so. Spare glass is accessible if it gets damaged or breaks. Similarly, the air filter is a drop-in replacement requiring no special tools.


The Compressor has a variety of rigging possibilities, featuring helicoil reinforced threads to connect clamps and brackets. When it comes to high-risk stunts, the priority is always safety. For added security, attach a safety line using the tether points on the Air Head and Compressor. The Compressor can be positioned anywhere on the rig using the 50cm (20”) long hose. The bayonet quick-release connectors ensure a leak-free connection.


An industry-standard 3-pin Fischer Run/Stop port allows the Prodigy to be triggered using compatible hand units and remotes.


The buttons on the compressor’s control panel are big and well-lit, making them easy to operate even with gloves on. The warning lights will light up to indicate the operator how to troubleshoot any problems, thanks to built-in error detection. Future firmware updates may be completed by the user without requiring the unit to be sent in using the Type-C USB connection.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 55 × 42 cm

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