Shultz Sprayoff Micro Rain Deflector

Rain deflector which drops into PV or 5x5 filter trays for matte box operation


The Sprayoff Micro lightweight rain deflectors allow shooting in the rain using a conventional matte box filter tray without stopping the camera to clear the lens. The Sprayoff Micro is smaller than the Sprayoff Milli weighing at just 500g with a disc diameter of 118mm.


The Sprayoff Micro rain deflector keeps lenses clear via a high speed rotating clear filter and the entire device slots into a 5.65″ x 4″ (PV) or 5.65″ x 5.65″ (5×5) filter tray and is compatible with ARRI Matte boxes MB18/MB19/MB20.

Whilst this will fit the LMB 5, LMB 15 and LMB 25, please be aware of the additional weight demand on the clip-on matte box fixing with these type of matte boxes.

It is nearly the same as the Milli but runs of 12V and 24V and is smaller and lighter weighing approximately 500g.

Also, running off 12V, it is less powerful than the Milli.

Also, it is a bit noisy, so not suitable if you are shooting sync sound and the actor is close at hand!

  • Weight: 500g
  • disc diameter 118mm
  • disc speed: approx. 3.800 rpm
  • power supply: 12V & 24V
Spray Off Micro PV Rain Deflector
Cable 3pin RS to XLR3M
2 x Cable Rain Deflector 3 pin Lemo Curly
Cable 3pin RS to D-Tap (Milli only)

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