Teradek Sidekick II HD lightweight wireless receiver

Teradek main transmitter not included


Lightweight HD-SDI Teradek Receiver compatible with any 500, 1000, 1000XT or 3000 wireless transmitter.


It suppots 20 MHz Channels when paired with the Bolt 3000, and has a 300ft range. The Sidekick II also features an SDI Output with a 2-Pin Power Connector. The Sidekick II is lightweight and compact.

1 x Power Cable Teradek AC-2 Pin Lemo
1 x Teradek Sidekick II XT HDSDI Receiver (500/1000,3000 compat)
1 x Noga Medium Arm
1 x Power Cable D-Tap - Lemo 2 Pin Teradek (LA-64)
1 x Vision Cable BNC-BNC 50cm

Teradek Sidekick 2  Peli Case  27 x 32 x 12 1.2kg

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