Zeiss CZ.2 CompactZoom 28-80mm T2.9 FF

Full Frame PL Zoom


Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom film lenses with FF and S35 coverage (36x24mm) and available with choice of PL or EF mounts.  Perfectly colour-matched with Zeiss CP.2 Compact Primes.



Lens Groupset

Zeiss Compact Zoom


EF Mount, PL Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage

Full Frame, Super-35

Lens Type

Zoom Lens

Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom 28-80 T2.9 Zoom

  • T2.9
  • Interchangeable mount
  • Full-frame coverage (36 x 24 mm) for focal lengths of 15 to 200 mm
  • No focus shift over the zoom range
  • Robust cine-style housing
  • Circular shape of iris
  • Great flare suppression
  • Calibrated focus scales

Please note that although this lens is available fitted with an EF mount, this mount is NOT strong enough to support the weight of the lens without damage and MUST be additionally supported with the 15mm lens support supplied.  If you plan to use this with a camera not equipped with 15mm support, then you must request to hire a 15mm bridge plate kit with bars and use this, otherwise you will damage the lens and/or camera.

Supplied on a 3 day hire rate.

Compact Zoom CZ.2
Aperture range T 2.9 to T 22
Focal range 28–80 mm
Close focus distance (1) 0.83 m  / 2’8”
Horizontal angle of view
Full-Frame (2) 25–66°
APS-H (3) 21–57°
Super 35 (4) 18–48°
Normal 35 (5) 16–43°
APS-C (6) 16–43°
MFT (7) 12–34°
Length (8) 196 mm / 7.72”
Front diameter 95 mm / 3.7”
Weight 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs


Zeiss CZ.2 Zoom 28-80mm T2.9 PL/EF
Lens Front Cap 
Lens End Cap 
PL or EF Mount (depending on configuration)
Arri LS-15 Lens Support
LS-19 Lens support
Zoom Bar Long
Support Leg 30 mm

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