VMI Implements What3Words for Efficient Deliveries

Postcodes are great but can be really limiting when clients are shooting in open parkland like Richmond Deer Park or venues like Wembley Stadium which have several entrances. Even large buildings can have multiple loading bays, so ensuring that our vans meet with your crew on time can be challenging without a great deal of added information being given.

Ali had a great idea to implement the What3Words addressing system into our software, so that you can describe EXACTLY where you would like our vans to bring your equipment and this can happen faster, saving time, fuel and those frustrating phone calls!

Click on https://what3words.com/camera.stored.rates to find out exactly where VMI London is or https://what3words.com///will.title.laptop for VMI Bristol!

Simply click on the What3Words site, enter your postcode or area, click on a square, press the copy icon and send this via email with your equipment order and we will do the rest.

Thanks Ali – this was a good idea.

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