VMI Website History – 1995-2023

Few will realise that VMI’s website is now on its 5th version and thanks to Google’s cache facility, we can share some of these versions with you to show you how our website has evolved.

Our very first foray into website design was created in 1995 by Clare Vandyne the wife of VMI’s ex-employee and technician, Danny Vandine.  This was a very basic website which was a start but all changes needed to be done by Clare, so it didn’t last long and no images survive of V1.0.


V2 was created in the late 90s using a platform called ZEND 1.0 and here is a screenshot with an archive link dating back to 2007, which incorporated the learning zone for the first time and exists today as the Resources section.

Visit VMI Website V2 2007


You may be interested to see the shooting kits dating back to 2009 – anyone remember the Panasonic HPX-3000 DVCPro 50 cameras?  This was a great camera!


2012 saw a complete database rewrite of VMI’s website which greatly improved functionality, though the website looked the same.

Visit VMI Website V3 2012


A complete database rewrite of VMI’s website in 2012 which greatly improved functionality, though the website looked the same. Here it is in 2017.

Visit VMI Website V4 2017


COVID allowed an opportunity for the entire website being completely rewritten.

Visit VMI Website V5 2020

2022 – Current Website

The homepage website skin was redesigned in 2022 with sustainability being given a central focus and exists in this form today.


2022 – Sustainability Portal

Our commitment to reducing our negative environmental impact and building a more socially equitable company led to us creating a sustainability portal on our website illustrating all of the efforts and actions that we have taken to becoming a more socially-focussed and sustainable company.

VMI Sustainability Journey Microsite

2022 – Kit Wizard

The kit wizard website module allows visitors to enter parameters (FF/4K/PL etc) and build a fully customised camera kit, choosing from all available combinations of cameras, lenses, grip and accessories.

VMI Kit Wizard

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