In December 2017, we held our 9th annual client satisfaction survey, asking all VMI clients who had hired from us in the previous 12 months exactly what they thought about us and 80 of you told us!

Most importantly, 79 of you voted VMI a whopping 4.7 on customer service (3 is average, 4 is good and 5 is excellent), the same as for the last 2 years and we are thrilled that you consider that we are delivering at this level!

Of those who answered, fully 95% of you consider VMI to be either your favourite or in one of a few favourite hire companies and 95% say that they would recommend us to others! 

All told, we had 80 fully completed questionnaires and they are summarised for you here.

They answered that we rated between good and excellent on all factors without exception and we have picked out some of these for you below from the survey.

This on-line survey was carried out independently by Constant Contact in Dec 17 and was totally outside VMI’s control.

Of these respondents, 88.7% considered VMI to be either their preferred supplier or one of a couple of preferred suppliers.


VMI Clients Recommend VMI to others!

Finally, the best proof of whether we are doing a good job is whether you would recommend us to others – as you can see, overwhelmingly you would, so a big thank you from VMI for all who have contributed!

Client Comments

From this, these are some of the comments which were left – we enjoyed them so much, that we wanted to share them with you!

“Very friendly staff with knowledge and any complaints were handled professionally. When checking equipment at pickup day, technicians were always happy to help with rectifying any problems with equipment. Overall will return in the future.”

Oscar Adams,

“Can I just say that the two guys in your Bristol office are great. They made it very easy for me and despite just renting one lens or one body at a time, gave me as much attention as a major client. Really appreciated their help and friendliness.”

Sean Gannon, Energy Photographic

VMI Bristol have been a pleasure to deal with.”

Brodie Lea

“Keep up the great work.”

Daryl Sidwick,

“The staff at the Bristol branch are some of the nicest people I know! Absolutely love those guys.”

Sunjay Singh, Lifemedia UK

“VMI are great and we’re always very happy with the equipment and service. I wish I had more projects to come to you for!”

Vince Knight

“I love using VMI. They have supported our low budget film making since day 1 and continued to do so. Stuart always gives me the best service and advice. Thanks for everything!”

Rebecca Fletcher, Proportion Productions

“Bristol branch are without a doubt the best rental company I have worked with, and with 19 years experience and having had rentals on 4 continents that is saying a lot.”

Mike Politis, Sounds Commercial

“I am very happy with VMI.”

Alex Kryszkiewicz, Ostia Media

“You guys are great, friendly delivery, always there on the phone and are more than happy to go that extra mile to get kit to us. Really impressed with you all.”

Matthew Dewdney, Nutopia Productions

“Staff are brilliant”

Matt Lovell, Overcreative

“Great year thanks guys!”

Dominic Locher

“Thank you for always being helpful and flexible to our varying demands. I am especially grateful that you are able to hold pencils for last minute shoots and late confirmations. Thank you so much!”

Sarah Baker, Adjust Your Set

“Nice friendly staff and great at relationship building.

Sam Clemens

“I can’t fault you guys at all. Everyone on the team seems to be really effective and we’re super happy with the service we get. Will continue to use you in 2018!”

Suzie Dickinson,

“Overall my experience with VMI is extremely positive.”

Will Currie, Fiftyonefilms

“Even though standard prices aren’t the cheapest, discounts were always applied when I asked.  Equipment is absolutely well organised and presented in great condition. You are doing a very good job.”

Ulisses Neto

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