In December 2018, we held our 10th annual client satisfaction survey, asking all VMI clients who had hired from us in the previous 12 months exactly what they thought about us and we received 125 completed questionnaires.

Most importantly, 115 of you voted VMI 4.7 on customer service (3 is average, 4 is good and 5 is excellent), the same as for the last 4 years and we are thrilled that you consider that we continue to deliver at this level

Of those who answered, fully 83% of you consider VMI to be either your favourite or in one of a few favourite hire companies and 95% say that they would recommend us to others! 

For your convenience, we have summarised the results for you here and the links above will take you to the previous 5 years surveys.

They answered that we rated between good and excellent on all factors without exception and we have picked out some of these for you below from the survey.

This on-line survey was carried out independently by Constant Contact in Dec 18 and was totally outside VMI’s control.

Satisfaction of VMI/VMEDIA’s Rental Services

Of these respondents, 83% considered VMI to be either their preferred supplier or one of a couple of preferred suppliers.


VMI Clients Recommend VMI to others!

Finally, the best proof of whether we are doing a good job is whether you would recommend us to others – as you can see, overwhelmingly you would, so a big thank you from VMI for all who have contributed!

Client Comments 2018 Survey

From this, these are some of the comments which were left – we enjoyed them so much, that we wanted to share them with you!

“People are amazing, rental team are always helpful and the drivers are very pleasant and engaging. Great team. Merry Christmas”  Matthew Dewdney, Nutopia Productions

“The guys in the Bristol office are super helpful and efficient.   Having both a Bristol and London location is really useful for me as I live in Bristol but work frequently in London.”  Jason Hall

“How do you quantify friendliness or quality in a questionnaire?   Ethereal yet tangible.   Perhaps it is many helpful interactions and meetings added together to form a whole feeling?   Quality is something VMI has in swathes and it’s apparent on each visit to the yard/floor in London when us DoP’s have a problem that needs solving.   Many thanks to all at VMI for helping 2018 go so well.” Adam Rodgers, DP

“The Bristol gang are more than suppliers. They’re friends. Seriously love the work those blokes put in and can’t praise them enough” Sunjay Singh, Life Media

“The only thing which would make VMI better for us would be if you had a premises in East London/Essex. I used to live very close to VMI but it is still worth the trip from Romford to pick up/drop off”  Paul Wiffin, DP

“We are based in NZ, so this was our first year hiring from VMI. their prices were very competitive and they were excellent to deal with. Kit came well packed and arrived on time. Would highly recommend VMI Bristol and will use them again should we send a crew from the UK”  Robin Dimbleby, NHNZ

“Email is always preferred method of contact but it can take a while to get a response so I will ring but it can mean I don’t wait before I book with someone else. You know how it is, you’re normally in a rush! But customer service once you get a response on phone or on email is great, really friendly, knowledgeable with can-do attitude & good prices”  Nicola Kowalski, BBC

“Nice selection of location lighting that not everyone has :)”  Mike Hutchinson, DP

“Ali Wilson is a pleasure to deal with and made a potentially tough job considerably easier”  George Arton, Interstate Pictures

“I have been very pleased with VMI and always recommend them” Linzy Attenborough, LAMDA

“I just wanted let you know that I’ve been really impressed with Jonathan Coetzee. One of our repeat clients is TUI the travel company. He put together some really helpful quotes for a new series of jobs…he recommended some good equipment options based on the creative brief. Great asset to your team!”  Mark Wilson, Chrome Productions

“Looking forward to next year, we have some great things lined up. :)”  Clemens Majunke, Outfilming Productions

“Bristol services are always a pleasure to deal with”  Joshua Lawson

“The range is perfect for my needs when hiring as a director or forwarding on to DOP’s. Very much appreciate the time to test and check equipment as well. Thanks for everything!” Joshua Lawson

“Just a massive thank you for helping me, with hires, when I was a student. Will always use VMI as I know & like what you guys do. VMI Rocks!!!”  Cathy Sutton

“My dealings with VMI have been 2nd to none. Alasdair is a credit to the company and Michael/Patrick are some of the most pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable guys I’ve met.   Not a single complaint about my dealings with VMI so far”  Peter Simons, Kingfisher PLC

“I actually used VMI on this occasion as I knew Michael White from my assisting days !” Graham Howe    

“The VMI Bristol team never fail to supply us with the equipment we need, on sometimes extremely late notice, and always with a smile. They are an amazing group of guys who go above and beyond for us every time. We’ll never use any one else” Dave James, Equine Productions

“Open the Paris branch!   Competition here is very little, and prices are high for the poor quality of gear they supply” Scott Munro, Third Man Films Pty Ltd

“I have nothing but positive feedback for VMI. The service was very efficient and you were able to really help us out on pricing as well. No complaints at all”  Lyndsey Shingler, BBC (Apple Tree Farm III)

“I really can’t compliment and thank you all enough for the support and help. from your technical support to your sales team, you really are fantastic. Well done”  Antonio Mendonca , Media Film Service, Johannesburg

“Everyone is so lovely and helpful. Especially love all the delivery guys, always have a smile on their face!”  Kat Perciballi, Oliver Agency

“Great VMI Customer Service especially Ian and Alistair!”  Pat Bryan, Bentley Productions

“Superb service all round…as usual!”  Jonathan Partridge, Little Tree Films

“Always great to deal with. And have been renting from VMI for many years”  Deane De-Beger, Brownian Motion

“We always deal with the Bristol office, and it’s just a great service – I know what I hire has been tested, is well looked after and at a competitive price. Really nice bunch of people to deal with, and they are always ready to got the extra mile, to the extent I even got a phone call on a Saturday to make sure the hire kit I had was working OK”  Chris Kemp,  Suited and Booted Studios

“Really impressed by service and how organised kit was and in great condition! Will definitely be coming back”  Charlie Manton, Teodora Shaleva

“I deal mostly with the Bristol office and don’t have a bad word to say about them, they are always friendly, have a fantastic knowledge and more than happy to help. Gary and the team do an amazing job”  Thomas Jeffs, DRP Group

“Always get good support from Ali & the team”  Neil Johnstone, Flingbrook Ltd

“VMI were brilliant when we needed kit hired in last minute”  Nicki Perkins, Martini Shot DAC

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