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Equipment List - Slow Motion (200fps+)

Canon C700 4K Camera PL/EOS

Canon C700 4K large Sensor Camera with 4K record option and EF/PL mount options.  Supplied with OLED viewfinder and ARRI Pro kit as standard.

The C700 is a versatile shoulder-mounted camera with full 4K capability and choice of PL or EF mount.  It records 4K images to internal CFAST 2 cards and will capture up to 15 stops of dynamic range with Canon 2 log internally as well for full HDR support.  (It is also compatible with original Canon log, Canon Log 2 or Canon Log 3 if preferred).

It has some really nice features, such as 10 stops of built-in ND, up to 240fps record capability and separate 3" LCD control display.

You can also book the CODEX Recorder which offers full RAW and Prores XQ record capability.

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Canon C700 | C700PL | 4K

RED EPIC-W PLUS 8K Helium Camera/OMOD Command RT Package

Latest RED EPIC-W PLUS Helium 8K large sensor digital film camera complete with OFFHOLLYWOOD Command RT integrated module for additional functionality.

This combination effectively turns a RED EPIC-W 8K camera into an EPIC-W PLUS with built-in WLCS receiver and lockit box, similar to Alexa PLUS.

Read VMI's article: WLCS Systems, All you need to know to explore the question of how to choose between the various systems and to introduce the range of WLCS systems which VMI arguably considers the best in their field and explain why we think that they work very well in given scenarios.

EPIC-W PLUS integrated 8K Helium Camera with Omod Command RT option


Sony PMW-F55 Large Sensor XDCAM EX 4K Camcorder with PL lens mount and 2K or 4K acquisition options with slow motion capability and OLED viewfinder supplied as standard.  Optional AXS-R5 recorder allows for enhanced 4K acquisition and more high speed capture.

Sony PMWF55 hire | Sony PMW F55 Camera

Panasonic EVA1 5.7K S-35 Compact Cinema Camera

Panasonic's newest compact cinema camera, EVA1 4K camera with Super 35 size sensor, dual native ISO, CFAST card storage and also native EF lens mount. This camera by design can be used as a modular and flexible system, making suitable for both documentary, cinema and video applications.  The compact design makes it perfectly suited to gimbal work but the high specifications including 10 bit, 4K, 4:2:2 onboard record capability and RAW capture absolutely makes it capable of much more.  The VMI package includes full ARRI Pro kit.

Panasonic EVA1 5.7K S-35 Compact Cinema Camera | Panasonic 4K Camera

RED Carbon Fibre Dragon 6K

RED EPIC™ 6K Carbon Fibre 6K large sensor digital film camera.

Carbon Fibre Dragon 6K


ARRI AMIRA 35mm, EF or B4 Mounted Digital Documentary Camera recording upto 200fps with Alexa image quality now with 4K UHD option.

Read the VMI Guide: Everything that you wanted to know about AMIRA.

Please read VMI’s comparison article: Alexa Mini or Amira? (or why I must have a Mini because it’s newer and better isn’t it?…no wait….) 

ARRI Amira - now available with EF, B4 & PL mounts

RED EPIC Dragon 6K

RED EPIC Dragon 6K large sensor digital film camera.

EPIC Dragon

Case Studies - Slow Motion (200fps+)

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