In December 2019, we held our 11th annual client satisfaction survey, asking all VMI clients who had hired from us in the previous 12 months exactly what they thought about us and we received 116 completed questionnaires.

Most importantly, 116 of you voted VMI 4.7 on customer service (3 is average, 4 is good and 5 is excellent), the same as for the last 5 years and we are thrilled that you consider that we continue to deliver at this level.

Of those who answered, fully 92% of you consider VMI to be either your favourite or in one of a few favourite hire companies and 91% say that they would recommend us to others! 

For your convenience, we have summarised the results for you here and the links above will take you to the previous 6 years surveys.

They answered that we rated between good and excellent on all factors without exception and we have picked out some of these for you below from the survey.

This on-line survey was carried out independently by Constant Contact in Dec 19 and was totally outside VMI’s control.

Satisfaction of VMI/VMEDIA’s Rental Services

Preferred Equipment Supplier

Of these respondents, 92% considered VMI to be either their preferred supplier or one of a couple of preferred suppliers.


VMI Clients Recommend VMI to others!

Finally, the best proof of whether we are doing a good job is whether you would recommend us to others – as you can see, overwhelmingly you would, so a big thank you from VMI for all who have contributed!

Client Comments 2019 Survey

“Ian Jackson is a long standing colleague of mine and it is very reassuring to talk to him about my shoot requirements and see how best VMI can support the job. He is super knowledgeable and approachable.  Love the VMI website for info on kit and your training opportunities…always much appreciated. Thanks for the support.”  Emma Edwards, Inky Dink Pictures

“Great service, great staff, great kit.”

Marc Pearce, Braybrook Productions

“Gary is amazing. He’s the reason I come back to VMI EVERYTIME.”

Chris Britten, MyAccomplice

“Just terrific all round. Thank you very much.”

Jonathan Partridge, Little Tree Farms

“Love the Bristol team.”   

Sasha Snow, Spark Films

“An absolute pleasure working with everyone at VMI this year – thank you. Looking forward to next year!”

Mark Stopher, Wildseed Studios

“The Bristol office are a joy to work with, and the customer service we get is excellent.”

Chris Kemp, Suited and Booted

“The Bristol team are incredible. Gary is a brilliant manager and we love the guys down there. So helpful and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Sunjay Singh, Life Media

“Great service and staff.”

Sri Southall, SJS Films

“Our experience with VMI was incredible. We’re a small team and Stuart bent over backwards to help us out. Everyone’s knowledge was extremely helpful, and even the delivery service was perfection.”

We love the VMI! Melanie Lanza

“Always very friendly service, and very flexible around our needs. Thank you!”

Catherine Silk, Radical Departures

“You guys are the best :)”

Emily Wylie, Rob Sorrenti Film

“VMI bristol are my go to kit house every job. Gary and all of the team are always incredibly helpful, they often go above and beyond in their efforts to source kit for me and always have workaround options should something not be available, on top of this they are always very accommodating and friendly whenever i come in to test kit too.”

James Chisholm, Shy Guy Ltd.

“Ali was amazingly helpful, great customer services.”

Dennis Grant

“Awesome staff, drivers are characters (my team love it when they deliver), great kit…. keep it up!”

Peter Simons, Kingfisher Group

“I appreciate Barry’s knowledge of kit and helping me to hone my first hire and personal service generally.”

David Kaplowitz

“A terrific experience from 1st enquiry to dropping off the equipment at the end of the filming.”

Richard Harley

“Really looking forward to renting from you again.”

Thomas Shawcroft

“Always a joy to hire from VMI. Ali is such a brilliant point of contact and looks after us so well. Always number 1 supplier.”

Becky Williams, Gramafilm

“Thank you so much, Stuart, for the magic; we really couldn’t have hoped for a better lighting package.  From VMedia, Lewis was most helpful.  VMI and VMedia will always be my first port of call. Thank you.”

Ja’far ‘Abd al-Hamid, Kal & Cambridge

“Gary and the team at VMI Bristol are always so helpful and effificent whenever I contact them (usually at the last minute)”

Susie Millns, Plimsoll Productions

“Gary Davies is a dream to work with, he’s patient and helpful and so is the rest of the team. no complaints from me, great service!”

Emma Davidson, Plimsoll Productions

“The staff are second to none ! always helpful and friendly.  They are a credit to you.”

Eddie Dias, Light’n’Light

“Gary is great and truly reliable- absolutely no issues with him (we love Gary!), however I think there should be another person to assist him to help him speed up on email responses.”

“You are all so friendly and helpful and I know I can ask anything – however stupid it may seem! Thank you!”

Micci Bamford, Fashioned Films

“VMI is my go to kit company – really competitive prices, super quick delivery/collection and everyone is super friendly! You’re great!”

Alexandra Kirk, A+E Networks

“Everyone I have interacted with is so friendly and ready to help and it really makes a difference in service compared to other places. I really appreciate the help and advice.”

Ammanah Lamara, Noon Films

“Really great service provided with friendly staff.”

Georgia Ennis, Verizon Media

“I think you’re doing a great job. Very fair minded and business orientated rather than chasing profit.”

Andrew Guy, Eye To Eye Televison

“Great team; always there on the end of the phone. Good at problem-solving and great at last-minute requests.”

Aisha Graham, Happy Hour Productions

“You guys are great. Wonderful service.”

Sabina Mckenzie Brown

“We are a Glasgow based company that usually hire locally. We had a job in London however and VMI came recommended to hire on location. Staff were really helpful setting up an account quickly as this was first-time use. Sourcing equipment, delivery and tech knowledge were all great.”

Craig Jones, Frame Creative PR

2012 Survey Comments

“Very happy with all aspects of VMI, and I always recommend to friends and colleagues.  The open days are very useful.
Thanks!” Nick Elliot, Lux Monkey          

“It’s great when I go to VMI and the staffs give me the points to be careful about the camera settings and sometimes label the equipment to remind the cameraman. I feel the customer care is good.”  Kenji Kitajina, Don Productions

“We have been very happy with the level of service we have experienced with VMI”        Steve Perry, Ink Films

“Our kit orders are usually quite small so I can’t answer all of these questions with certainty- however, VMI works for us and I’m very happy with the service we receive”. Rebecca Machin, Alzheimers


“All good, I haven’t made a film for a little while and I was from the film stock generation of film school students. The guys and girls at VMI helped me get up to date with the digital advances, very cool very knowledgeable.”   Ben Coen, DoP

“It was a pleasure to come and hire but a visit to VMi is always so much more…great technical advice from Kevin and Gerard.  Keep Calm and Carry on!”, Barbara Nicholls, Line Producer

“Keep up the good work!” Rob Chan, Bokeh TV

“Great service and a good range of equipment.”  E.samuel

“You can always guarantee a very high standard level of customer satisfaction.” Rusty Foulkes, DoP

“Good service, great range of DLSR kit” George Derrick, INP Media

“I appreciate the very personal service I always get from VMI and the interest they take in putting together the right package of equipment for a price that works for my commissions which are often very modest budgets”  Fiona Lloyd Davies, Studio 9 Films

“I have had a great year using VMI products, you have helped my work improve by offering me fantastic deals and also options when my desires were larger than my budgets. I cannot say thanks enough” Stuart Nicholas White, DoP

“As early adopters of new cameras, I am using VMI more that some of the more traditional houses I have used in the past who are a little stuck in the ENG world” Jono Clabburn, Panacea Film

“Friendly staff and easy to communicate with via email”      Alison Lynch, Mutt and Jeff Pictures

“Keep it up! It is all great!”    Grant Raphael, The Confessional

“I am continuing to be impressed by staff, particularly Liam for going above and beyond to help with Epic info by email which really helped. Also Ali and Stuart are very engaged with gear requirements and fine detail, which is what we DOP’s really need to get the job right on set.”   Adam Rodgers, Hothead Minicams

“Stuart is wicked!” Olivia Boland, Bruizer Productions

“Friendly, efficient and reliable, I would only rent elsewhere if I had to!”  Tom Coulson, Content is

“Staff are always very accommodating on the phone and willing to help us out at short notice and with strange requests!” Ellie D’Silver, C     ontent is King

“Generally really good service and kit. Thanks” David Glass, Smyle

“Overall very happy with VMI as a supplier – good kit, fairly priced and provided by people that know their stuff.” Dan Haddon, Anglia Television Facilties

“I contacted VMI late Thursday evening to hire equipment for the next day. I dealt with Stuart Neate who was extremely helpful and managed to get all the account paperwork set up in record time.  The kit was just what we needed and to be able to get it at such short notice for such a good price was amazing. I would definitely use VMI in the future”  Sandra Tonkin, Producer

“Overall I think your service and equipment are excellent, Barry.  I would quite happily use you for every job I do but sometimes clients may have their own camera/ studio their own lights and producers may have the final say in where the kit comes from – such is the world! If can be of any help Barry please do get in touch – All the best James.”  James Buck, DoP

2011 Survey Comments

From this, these are some of the comments which were left – we enjoyed them so much, that we wanted to share them with you!

“The one thing I like about VMI is not matter who you talk to, you never feel like a burden. Especially with the list of demands I can have, It is nice to have someone who takes my tantrums in their stride.”    Emma, RGB Photographic

“VMI service is generally excellent” Laura Matthews, The Garden Productions

“Delivery (Jay) is excellent and camera Assistants (Dan Lemmon) are particular very good and with good extensive knowledge”    MX

“Stuart was very good at accomodating our kit requests during the Leonardo Live VT shoots.”    Emma Love, Seventh Art Productions

“Always friendly, always knowledgable and very accommodating. A pleasure to do business with. A great selection of equipment and very reasonably priced.”    Tony Serpini, Serpini Pictures

“Myself and Big Talk Productions couldn’t be more happy with the service and support that VMI have contiued to give us. Ian has been worth his weight in gold when it comes to technical knowlegde and understanding the individual needs of each production. We will continue to us VMI in 2012 as much as possible.”    Lyndsay Robinson, Big Talk

“Excellent service from the top down as usual.”    Mark, The TVB

“I have only hired a jib arm and dolly so far , but was very pleased with everything , defo coming back!”

“MI have always been extremely helpful to me as I am not at all versed in any of the camera/sound equipment so am always please with their advice. Many thanks”  Fiona

“I have a good regard for VMI and have always found them helpful & flexible.”    Phill Hutton, Blitz Communications

“Been a very positive experience to date, really appreciate time taken out to show us equipment on a couple of occasions. Always a swift competitive response. Looking forward to more of the same!”

“Good Service all the times”    Otis, AVCom

“I’m only an occasional hirer and have only ever used VMI. I find your staff extremely knowledgeable and helpful.” Kate, Digileaf

“Barry was always a pleasure to work with.”    Lucy Tate, Sprout Productions

“I will continue you to use VMI, as your customer service skills are second to none.”    Andrew, New Black Films

“Thanks, you were all really helpful.”    Joan Humphries, BBC

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