Achieving More From Your Production Budget

A guide to answering questions of How to compare rental prices from competing rental companies? What equipment to use? Whether to buy or hire? Or, if buying is considered, then when is the right time to buy?

Guide: How to Shoot Bullet Time

A VMI guide with video, courtesy of Stephen Roach and Jermaine Allen of Merchant Cantos showing just how easy it is to create unique ‘Bullet time 360″ videos for the ultimate ‘hero’ selfie.

Shallow DoF for Streaming

A shallow Depth of Field can reduce the bandwidth requirement of video, which is good for the internet.We wanted to test this theory and this article explores this idea and concludes that you can save around 10% bandwidth by shooting with a large sensor camera compared with a small sensor camera, as the shallow depth of field means that you capture only the bits that you want in fine detail and as background is defocused.

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